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Saturday, November 2, 2013

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>>Level 32 symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers By Images<<

1. Network for anonymizing data connection. Usable for web browsing, instant messaging, and IRC. Answers: The Onion Routing.

2. Coconut-based hair products. Manufactured by Marico. Answers: Parachute.

3. World's largest mobile operator. Formerly known as China Telecom. Answers: China Mobile.

4. Chinese smartphone manufacturer. Developed a firmware called MIUI for smartphones. Answers: Xiaomi.

5. Global company focused on brands and media. Second largest market research organization. Answers: Millward Brown.

6. Game Bundles. Price shall be fixed by the Pay-What-You-Want-principle. Answers: Humble Bundle.

7. British supermarket chain. Second largest market share in the UK market. Answers: ASDA.

8. Soft drink manufacturer. Answers: Rubicon.

9. Indian consumer goods Company. Produced Hair Oils, Skin Care, and Edible Oil. Answers: Marico.

10. Brand Name of server and workstation processors. Belongs to the company Intel. Answers: Xeon.

11. Computer Hardware Company. Mainly produced graphic cards. Answers: Zotac.

12. Pakistani producer of spice mixes. Produced a brand called Shoop Noodles. Answers: Shan Food.

13. South Korean car manufacturer. KIA is a subsidiary. Answers: Hyundai.

14. India's largest snacks manufacturers. Produced frozen food, cookies, and chips. Answers: Haldirams.

15. Leading Japanese telecommunications and Media Corporation. Divisions are broadband television and wire line telecommunications. Answers: Softbank.

16. Was one of the largest electronic companies. Featured Products for Electrical Power Engineering. Answers: AEG.

17. Technology Company. Mainly manufactures memory elements for computers. Answers: Micron.

18. A Taiwanese manufacturer of enclosures and power supplies. One of the largest manufacturers of aluminium cases in Taiwan. Answers: Lian Li.

19. Largest South Korean conglomerate. World’s largest companies in terms of revenue. Answers: Samsung.

20. International Fashion Company. Provides Luxury leather handbags and shoes ago. Answers: Prada.

21. Exclusive jewellery and Watch Company. Part of the luxury goods group Richemont. Answers: Cartier.

22. Famous Italian fashion brand. Sells clothes and accessories in the upper price segment. Answers: Gucci.

23. Canada's third largest bank. Formerly called Bank of Nova Scotia. Answers: Scotiabank.

24. Japanese company. Casual wear designer. Answers: Uniqlo.

25. Chinese liquor. Made of millet and wheat. Answers: Kweichow Moutai.

26. Chilean department store retailer. Is a multi-channel retailer. Answers: Falabella.

27. Manufacturer and marketer of beauty products. Leader in Brazil. Answers: Natura.

28. Retail companies in the UK. Usually consists of department stores in downtown locations. Answers: Marks & Spencer.

29. China's leading leisure clothing company. Corporate slogan is "Be Different". Answers: Metersbonwe.

30. Cosmetics Company in New York City. Presented a bath oil called Youth Dew. Answers: Estée Lauder.

31. Retail enterprises from the United States. Distributor of apparel and accessories. Answers: Kohls.

32. Global IT companies. Comes from India. Answers: Infosys.

33. Indian airlines. India's largest airline. Answers: Air India.

34. Chilean home improvement warehouse store chain. Owned and operated by Falabella. Answers: Sodimac.

35. Performance based mobile ad network. Specializes in advertising for smartphones. Answers: InMobi.

36. Producer from confectionery. Manufacturer of Chocolate Bars Wonderful and Caramello. Answers: Cadbury.

37. Mobile phone brand in Japan. Marketed by KDDI Corporation. Answers: Au.

38. Internet sales portal for iOS programs. Based on the iTunes store. Answers: App Store.

39. British newspaper. One of the best-selling British newspapers. Answers: Daily Telegraph.

40. C++ class library. Available for programming graphical user interfaces. Answers: Qt.

41. Hosting service for software development projects. Used the version control system Git. Answers: GitHub.

42. Action-based video game. Developed by Rockstar North. Answers: GTA V.

43. German association of hackers. Calls for a new global human right, clear communication. Answers: Chaos Computer Club.

44. American Internet platform. Is used to finance projects through crowd funding. Answers: Answers: Kickstarter.

45. Family of tablet PCs. part of the Microsoft Company. Answers: Surface.

46. Firmware for mobile phones and tablets. Descendant of Android. Answers: CyanogenMod.

47. Relational database management system. Basis for many dynamic websites. Answers: MySQL.

48. German sporting goods manufacturer. Second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Answers: Adidas.

49. Web search engine from Microsoft. Advertised as a "decision engine”. Answers: Bing.

50. American Software Company. Specialist for Virtualization. Answers: VMware.


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