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Sunday, May 11, 2014

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Every Clashers must have desire to attack enemy with lot of gold , elixirs, and dark elixir (usually called loots among the Clasher) to stole it from the enemy. But it something tiresome to tap on “NEXT” button many times until found the right enemy. There is one app called xxzhushou can help you to search the desire enemy base. Lets see how this app works.

First thing you need to do/know:

  1. This app only works on rooted phone only.

  2. Download the app from

  3. This app works on Android and also iOs, but I only show way to use on Android only.

  4. If you want to use for iOs, you need to JailBreak your device.

Ok then lets proceed to the how to use the app:

1) Open the app, and grant the Superuser access.

2) Tap on the Clash of Clan game inside the app:


3) Tap on the Green Box bottom of the page:


make sure it become like the image below:


4) Open the Clash of Clan by tap one the box on the right:


5) Three Chinese writing will appear on right side of your screen:


Tap on the middle writing and a menu box will appear:


There will be three more Chinese writing in the menu box, the upper is for Gold, middle for Elixir and bottom for Dark Elixir. You can enter your desire value for each of the menu.


This is the value I desire, not recommended to put high value because it will do many auto scanning, if it not found any base it will only waste your gold.

5) To stop the auto-scanning, tap on the upper writing on the right of your screen to change the color to green. To start again, tap it again to red color. 

Note: I don’t understand the Chinese language, this tips is shared by my friends. You will not found an enemy base with exact value of loots you entered, the value is only a range. Watch the video below for more clear view:


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