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Monday, July 15, 2013

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This app contains 10000+ emojis, stickers and custom smileys for whatsapp, kakao, line and kik messenger!
If you're tired of the same old emojis and smileys in whatsapp & other messengers; this is the perfect solution for you. We have numerous stickers, smileys, text emoji, custom text and text stickers in this app.
"OMG! This app has the cutest smileys and stickers! Now I can send lovely messages to my BF <3" - Jenna Alyster
"Cute smileys, lovely emoji, lots of other cute drawings, I love this app" - Ariana Ptreva
Get this app now and send new amazing photo messages to your friends. Drop us a line if you have feedback!

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Wee Susanna - July 13, 2013 - Version 1.3

Nice apps cute n fun

If hv more choice for cards will be better

vini olivia - July 14, 2013 - Version 1.3


Nice app,so now i can send to my friends this emoticon & stickers and makes chatting more fun!!

Stefanie Dien - July 13, 2013 - Version 1.3

cool's good application n fun.. cute stickers n card.. love it..

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