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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

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>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 29 By Images<<

1. Consulting engineering group with worldwide operations. Involved in many international large scale projects. Answer: Ramboll.

2. Spherical coconut-almond. Filled with a white milk cream and white blanched almonds. Answer: Raffaello.

3. Confectionery manufacturer. One of the oldest chocolate companies in the United States. Answer: Hershey.

4. Produced snacks. Headquarters in Köln. Answer: Intersnack.

5. Manufacturer of coffee machines. From the company Bosch. Answer: Tassimo.

6. International food group. Headquarters in Northfield. Answer: Mondelēz.

7. An energy companies in the people's republic of china. CSG shares with the entire energy supply network of china. Answer: State Grid Corporation.

8. German multinational travel and tourism company. Headquarters in Hannover. Answer: Tui.

9. Selling shoes online. Headquarters in Berlin. Answer: Zalando.

10. German internet companies. Headquarters in Berlin. Answer: Rocket Internet.

11. Created by George Lucas. Is about the battle between good and evil. Answer: Star Wars.

12. Fictional main character from the eponymous adventure film series. In all the films starring Harrison Ford. Answer: Indiana Jones.

13. American vodka brand. The brand belongs to gruppo campari. Answer: Skyy Vodka

14. Second largest bank in Germany. Headquarters in Frankfurt. Answer: Commerzbank.

15. British multinational defense company. 2010, the second largest defense company in the world. Answer: BAE Systems.

16. Europe's leading provider of advertising-financed private television. Headquarters in Luxembourg. Answer: RTL Group.

17. French consumer goods company. Largest cosmetics company in the world. Answer: L’Oréal.

18. World's third largest semiconductor manufacturer. Headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Answer: TSMC.

19. Classified as top secret. Monitoring and evaluation of electronic media. Answer: PRISM.

20. Name of a portable computer. Originated by IBM. Answer: ThinkPad.

21. A British government agency. Deals with cryptography, data transfer and communications intelligence. Answer: GCHQ.

22. Intelligence service of the United States. Among other things, responsible for the global monitoring. Answer: NSA.

23. A game console, which is based on Android. Julie Uhrman up the project life. Answer: Ouya.

24. A virtual currency. Introduced in 2009. Answer: Bitcoin.

25. A search engine. Objective of search engine privacy of users. Answer: DuckDuckGo.

26. Brand name AMD. Marketed graphics cards and graphics chips. Answer: Radeon.

27. Developed by Westwood studios computer game series. From the genre of real time strategy games. Answer: Command & Conquer.

28. Natural gas supply, electricity supply and telecommunications companies. Answer: Scottish and Southern Energy.

29. A retail company from the United Kingdom. Headquarters in Bradford, England. Answer: Wm Morrison.

30. A retailer with an international focus. The company was founded in 1982. Answer: Kingfisher.

31. Is a British corporation. Main fields of activity are the aerospace and automotive. Answer: GKN.

32. A listed tourism group. Headquarters in London. Answer: Thomas Cook.

33. Formerly known as American home products. Subsidiary of Pfizer. Answer: Wyeth.

34. U.S. mining company. Formerly known as Freeport sulphur. Answer: Freeport-McMoRan.

35. An American manufacturer armor technology for ships. Based in Los Angeles, California. Answer: Northrop Grumman.

36. One of the 100 largest non-listed companies. Based in Columbia. Answer: U.S. Foodservice.

37. A German wholesale company. In the main petrol station shops are operated. Answer: Lekkerland.

38. A German listed building materials group. Based in Heidelberg. Answer: HeidelbergCement.

39. A publicly traded construction and services group. International markets. Answer: Bilfinger.

40. A specialty chemicals group. Based in Leverkusen. Answer: Lanxess.

41. An international space agency. Based in Paris. Answer: ESA.

42. Established by the convention on international civil aviation. Headquartered in Montreal (Canada). Answer: ICAO.

43. Subsidiary of EADS. Dedicated to providing civil and defense space systems. Answer: Astrium.

44. A German medical technology companies. Based in bad homburg. Answer: Fresenius.

45. French wine and spirits group. Emerged from the Pernod and Richard. Answer: Pernod Ricard.

46. A French hotel company. Founded by Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pélisson. Answer: Accor.

47. A French listed, diversified. Created in 2005. Answer: Safran.

48. A low cost airline. From Sharjah. Answer: Air Arabia.

49. A company from the United Arab Emirates. Based in Abu Dhabi. Answer: ADNOC.

50. One of the major commercial banks of France. One of the three oldest commercial banks. Answer: Societe Generale.


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