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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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>>symblCrowd Logo Quiz Answers Level 30 By Images<<

1. Confectionery product. Belongs to the Italian company Ferrero. Answer: Kinder Chocolate.

2. Product line of e-book readers. By the company amazon. Answer: Amazon Kindle.

3. Cereal bar. Produced since 1984. Answer: Corny.

4. Modeling compound. Invented by Joseph McVicker and Bill Rhodenbaugh. Answer: PlayDoh.

5. Luxury hotel in Las Vegas. One of the largest hotels in the world. Answer: Bellagio.

6. Telecommunications company. Was founded in 1947. Answer: Telmex.

7. American film production company. Was founded in 1979. Answer: Miramax.

8. International debit card service. Operated by MasterCard. Answer: Maestro Card.

9. Waterproof and shockproof video camera. From the company woodman labs. Answer: GoPro.

10. Portable game console. Has two lC displays. Answer: Nintendo DS.

11. Oldest tennis tournament in the world. Was founded in 1877. Answer: Wimbledon.

12. American global diversified power management company. Leading provider of electrical components and systems for power quality. Answer: Eaton.

13. Luxury fashion company. Provides women's tops and accessories. Answer: Escada.

14. Multinational microelectronics company. Specialises in signal processing and mixed-signal chips. Answer: Wolfson.

15. One of the world's largest supplier of EDA software. Specializes in the design and verification of chips. Answer: Cadence.

16. High-speed serial computer expansion bus standard. Successor to AGP. Answer: PCI Express.

17. Was a manufacturer of computer components. Core product line were motherboards. Answer: Abit.

18. One of the largest and oldest markets in Europe. Current premises are situated in paternoster square. Answer: London Stock Exchange.

19. Was a manufacturer of PDAs. Was acquired by Hewlett-Packard 2010. Answer: Palm.

20. Was a global dairy company. Still used as brand for dairy products. Answer: Campina.

21. Manufacturer of ram and flash memories. Produces SSDS and power supplies. Answer: OCZ Technology.

22. Taiwanese electronics company. Produces optical drives. Answer: Lite-On.

23. Technology company. Provides mainly storage elements. Answer: Micron Technology.

24. Developed retrofit computer products. Primary focus on cooling enhancement. Answer: Zalman.

25. Music identification service. Mobile phone based music identification. Answer: Shazam.

26. A hardware manufacturers. Manufacturer of flash memory cards. Answer: PNY.

27. Manufacturer of pianos. Founded by henry e. Steinway. Answer: Steinway & Sons.

28. British racing team. Since the 1970s, active in formula 1. Answer: Williams F1.

29. Was a car brand. Belonged to general motors. Answer: Saturn.

30. Fruit-flavoured drink. Brought by Coca-Cola on the market. Answer: Fruitopia.

31. File sharing client. For edonkey2000-network. Answer: EMule.

32. Seafood restaurant chain. Inspired by the movie Forrest Gump. Answer: Bubba Gump.

33. Two concepts of Chinese philosophy. Means body and mind. Answer: Yin & Yang.

34. American fashion brand. Belongs to limited brands. Answer: Victorias Secret.

35. Online music platform. Used to exchange audio files. Answer: SoundCloud.

36. Chinese car manufacturer. Build your dreams. Answer: BYD.

37. US-based oil and gas company. Operates petrol stations worldwide. Answer: Phillips 66.

38. Gas company. Provides the official fuel of Nascar. Answer: Sunoco.

39. U.S company. Operates among others in the fields of petroleum and chemical production. Answer: Koch.

40. American retail chain. Drug retailing company. Answer: CVS .

41. U.S retailers. Operates about 1,100 stores in the U.S. Answer: JC Penney .

42. International group based in Morristown. Was founded by Albert Butz. Answer: Honeywell .

43. American retail chain. Sells pharmaceutical products. Answer: Walgreens.

44. U.S company. Produces and processes natural gas. Williams.

45. International company. Produces oil and natural gas. Answer: OXY.

46. Swiss motorsport team. Formula 1 team. Answer: Sauber Motorsport.

47. Trademark for schedule-ring binders. Organisers are traditionally leather bound. Answer: Filofax.

48. Mp3-player. Developed by Microsoft. Answer: Zune.

49. Russian car manufacturer. First sports cars to be made in Russia. Answer: Marrusia Motors.

50. Automotive brand. From Malaysia. Answer: Proton.


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