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Thursday, June 27, 2013

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>>symblCrowd logo quiz answers level 6 by images<<

1. Chocolate bars. Patz of Mars Inc. Answer: Twix.

2. One of the world’s largest companies for grain products. Specializes in breakfast cereals. Answer: Kellogg’s.

3. U.S. fast food chain. Specializes in sandwiches. Answer: Quiznos.

4. Chocolate Candies. Produced by Mars Inc. Answer: M&M's.

5. American film production/distribution studio and subsidiary of Columbia Pictures. Founded 1982. Answer: TriStar Pictures.

6. Beer brand. Brewed in Leuven, Belgium since 1926. Answer: Stella Artois.

7. Is an American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. Answer: The Home Depot.

8. One of the world’s largest life insurance and pension groups, and a strong provider of investment products. Headquarter in The Hague, Netherland. Answer: Aegon.

9. Development Environment for software developers. Software by Microsoft. Answer: Visual Studio.

10. Non-free word processor, releases 1983. Designed by Microsoft. Answer: Word.

11. Credit card. 4 letters. Answer: VISA.

12. North America’s second largest supermarket chain. Founded 1915. Answer: Safeway.

13. Chocolate bar. The manufacture company has the same name. Answer: Mars.

14. Premium brand of General Motors. Vehicle models are sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Taiwan, and Israel. Answer: Buick.

15. Telecommunications company in Norway. Founded 1855 as Telegrafverket. Answer: Telenor.

16. Swiss global financial services company headquartered in Basel and Zürich. one of the largest global asset managers. Answer: UBS.

17. Headquarter in Washington, D.C. Independent agency of the United States government. Answer: uspost

18. Based in Basel, Switzerland. Multinational pharmaceutical company. Answer: Novartis.

19. Founded 1832 in Hannover, Germany. German manufacturer of fountain pens and other writing, office and art equipment. Answer: Pelikan.

20. Brand of bottled mineral water. Answer: Perrier.

21. Is a Malaysian oil and gas company that was founded 1974. Answer: Petronas.

22. Spanish companies in the petrochemical. one of the ten largest private oil company in the world. Answer: Repsol YPF.

23. Brand of U.S. hotel chain Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Answer: Sheraton.

24. American multinational aerospace and Defence Corporation. Answer: Boeing.

25. Since 1947 part of the Nestlé AG. Brand of instant soups, stocks, bouillon cubes, ketchups, sauces, seasonings and instant noodles. Answer: Maggi.

26. Manufactured sport drink by PepsiCo. Developed in 1965 by Robert Cade. Answer: Gatorade.

27. Subsidiary of EADS. One of the largest producers of passenger aircraft worldwide. Answer: Airbus.

28. Flag carrier of the United Arab Emirates. Based in Abu Dhabi. Answer: Etihad.

29. Is a global banking group. One of the three old commercial banks ("les trois vieilles") of France. Answer: BNP Paribas.

30. American multinational conglomerate corporation. Answer: General Electric.

31. Manufacturer of GPS devices. Answer: Magellan.

32. Is a library that includes a relational database system. Answer: SQLite.

33. Smartphone. First product released in 1999. Answer: BlackBerry.

34. International Food Company and third largest food producer in the world. Answer: Kraft Foods.

35. Television and film production/distribution unit of Japanese multinational technology and media conglomerate Sony. Successor Company of Columbia Pictures Entertainment. Answer: Sony Pictures.

36. Founded 1986. Based in Denver, Colorado. Answer: Airwalk.

37. Dental Care Product. part of The Gillette Company. Answer: Oral-B.

38. An American multinational financial services corporation headquartered in Manhattan. The world’s largest financial services network, spanning 140 countries with approximately 16,000 offices worldwide. Answer: Citigroup.

39. Headquarter in London. a British multinational tobacco company. Answer: British American Tobacco @ BAT.

40. Car brand of American automaker General Motors. The last were built in late 2009. Answer: Pontiac.

41. Japanese electric utilities provider. Answer: Chubu Denryoku.

42. The oldest index of shares in Australia. All Ords. Answer: All Ordinaries.

43. Global professional services firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Part of the Big Four accountancy firms. Answer: PricewaterhouseCoopers @ PWC.

44. American-based international consumer electronics and Eyewear Company. Founded 1937 by Edwin H. Land. Answer: Polaroid.

45. Founded 1825. Brand of chocolate manufactured by Kraft Foods. Answer: Milka.

46. British multinational telecommunications services company. Founded as The Electric Telegraph Company. Answer: BT Group @ BT.

47. U.S. manufacturers of textiles, shoes and accessories. Founded in 1918 as U.S. Overall Company. Answer: Dickies.

48. World’s largest mobile operator. Founded in 1918 as U.S. Overall Company. Answer: China Mobile.

49. Belgian chocolate brand. Was founded in 1883 by Charles Neuhaus. Answer: Cote dOr.

50. Dutch manufacturer of automotive navigation systems. Answer: TomTom.


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