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Monday, September 16, 2013

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subway surfers unlimited money cheats This Subway Surfers Unlimited Coins/Money game cheat only works on rooted Android device.

Before doing this cheat your will need these tools first:
1. GameCIH, download here.
2. Rooted Android device.(how-to root)
3. and of course Subway Surfers game installed in your Android device.

*Watch above video first for more understand doing this cheat.

1. Open GameCIH,then you close it (but let the toolbar open).
2. Open Subway Surfers Game and run the game.
3. After finished the game, expand GameCIH toolbar, usually on top right of your screen and tap magnifying glass icon for search.
4. Tap input number, insert your current money value, and tap OK.
4. There will come out the search result, maybe more than hundred. By selecting one by one, find the  4-bytes data (as in video).
5. Modify that value to the value you desire.
6. Run the game one more and end the game to see whether the cheat work or not.
7. You can always refer to the video.


*If the first try not working, try again and earn more coins/money. This game cheat not always work on first try, you need to try and error, you need to find the working value (which mean your current coins/money).

*To ease you finding the correct 4-bytes data, collect at least 4000 coins and above or your 4-bytes data search result will be thousands.

*Support the game developer by buying the coins/money in this game so that the developer can build more fun games. This post is only for educational purposes on how to using GameCIH.


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