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Saturday, September 28, 2013

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Zombie Diary Survival Unlimited Coins Cheat

This cheat is only works on rooted Android Device. The tools you need to do this cheat are:

1. GameCIH, download here.
2. Rooted Android device. (how-to root)
3. and of course Zombie Diary: Survival Subway Surfers game installed in your Android device.

The tutorial for this cheat are:

1. Run GameCIH on your Android, let this app on your top left screen.

2. Open Zombie Diary: Survival game.

3. Tap on magnifying on GameCIH, tap Input number, and insert your current coins value (for more easy, collect at least 10,000 of coins). 

4. At least a hundred result will come out, select one by one and look for 4-bytes data (the first from top).

5. Change that value to the desire value.

6. Finish cheat! (this cheat may not work at first time, you can try again and again until work)

7. Watch the video for more clear on how to do it.


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