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Thursday, July 4, 2013

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>>symblCrowd logo quiz answers level 11 by images<<

1. Swedish brand of vodka. Is the largest brand of alcoholic spirits in the world. Answer: Absolut vodka.

2. German chocolate bar. The handy chocolate square. Answer: Ritter sport.

3. American automobile company. Formed by the 1954 merger of nash-kelvinator corporation and Hudson motor car co. Answer: AMC.

4. Trade name of American restaurant chain. Name is taken from an American slang term for female breasts. Answer: Hooters.

5. Largest privately held, family-owned spirits company in the world. The eponymous rum has the same name. Answer: Bacardi.

6. British clothing brand. Specialises in street wear. Answer: Bench.

7. Refillable, metal lighter. Typically made of metal and are rectangular with a hinged top. Answer: Zippo.

8. American luxury vehicle marque. Named after the founder of the city of Detroit. Answer: Cadillac.

9. Was a company that specialized in the manufacturing of 3d graphics processing units. Released its voodoo graphics chip in 1996. Answer: 3dfx.

10. Major European small appliance manufacturer based in Treviso, Italy. Especially well known for the artista series espresso machines. Answer: Delonghi.

11. American restaurant chain founded by Larry lavine. Slogan is "pepper in some fun". Answer: Chilis.

12. Division of the world’s fifth-largest brewing company. Established by German immigrants. Answer: Coors.

13. A nascar sprint cup series motor race. Winner is presented with the Harley j. Earl trophy. Answer: Daytona 500.

14. Full-service coffee shop/family restaurant chain. Is known for always being open, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert around the clock. Answer: Dennys.

15. Speech recognition software. Developed and sold by nuance communications. Answer: Dragon.

16. Trademarked name for a range of condoms. Durability, reliability, and excellence. Answer: Durex.

17. Home video game console. Super Mario 64 was the console’s bestselling game. Answer: Nintendo 64.

18. American global cable television network. Focusing on sports-related programming. Answer: ESPN.

19. Privately-owned hangzhou-based family of internet-based businesses. Operates online shopping platform taobao. Answer: Alibaba.

20. Social networking service and website. Has over 900 million active users. Answer: Facebook.

21. Brand of strong menthol lozenges. Relieve various respiratory problems suffered by fishermen. Answer: Fishermans.

22. Primarily concerned with food products. The company can trace its history to the Minneapolis milling company. Answer: General mills.

23. British car manufacturer. Specialises in four-wheel-drive vehicles. Answer: Land rover.

24. Jeans brand. 1923 founded as "Honesdale manufacturing co." in New York. Answer: HIS.

25. Upscale mid-priced brand of hotels. Forming part of the British intercontinental hotels group. Answer: Holiday inn.

26. British multinational hotels company. Largest hotels company in the world measured by rooms. Answer: Intercontinental.

27. American fast-food restaurant. In total, the chain has 2,200 locations, primarily serving the west coast. Answer: Jack in the box.

28. Chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bar. "have a break – have a ...". Answer: Kit Kat.

29. A Dutch designer clothing company. Was the first brand to unleash a "raw denim" style of jeans. Answer: G-star.

30. Brand of flavored drink mix. Usually sold in powder form. Answer: Kool-Aid.

31. Carbonated soft drink. Originally intended as a patent medicine. Answer: Coca-Cola.

32. Airline alliance with its centralised management team. Based at the world trade center Schiphol airport. Answer: Skyteam.

33. Brand of denim jeans. First produced in 1889 in Salina, Kansas. Answer: Lee.

34. American luxury vehicle brand. Company was founded in august 1915 by henry m. Leland. Answer: Lincoln.

35. A former British car manufacturing company. First vehicle was a tricycle. Answer: Rover.

36. Boxing, mixed martial arts and clothing brand. Muhammad Ali and Lennox Lewis worn this brand during bouts. Answer: Lonsdale.

37. Indian multinational conglomerate company. Known for his car "Nano". Answer: Tata

38. German clothing brand of Swedish heritage. Started out with a unisex sweatshirt in dark blue, beige, and 23 other colors. Answer: Marc oPolo.

39. Application store for Samsung mobile & TV users. Competitor to the app store and Google play. Answer: Samsung apps.

40. Trademark for a popular sandwich cookie. Bestselling cookie in the united states. Answer: Oreo.

41. Brand of bourbon whiskey. One of the bestselling brands of bourbon in the world. Answer: Jim Beam.

42. Brand of small, hard mints. Manufactured by the Italian confectioner Ferrero. Answer: Tic Tac.

43. Piece of stationery with a re-adherable strip of adhesive on the back. Designed for temporarily attaching notes to documents. Answer: Post-it.

44. American casual dining restaurant chain. Specializes in most seafood, including lobster. Answer: Red lobster.

45. Airline based in Cairo, Egypt. Operates charter flights from Egypt’s tourist destinations to Europe. Answer: Amc airlines.

46. Multinational video game software developer. Producer of mega drive and Dreamcast. Answer: Sega.

47. All-suite, residential-style brand of hotels. Targets extended-stay and corporate travellers. Answer: Staybridge suites.

48. American oil retail brand. Merged into chevron corporation in 2001. Answer: Texaco.

49. South korean tire company. Was established in 1941 as the chosun tire company. Answer: Hankook.

50. Popular technology that allows an electronic device to exchange data wirelessly. Is used in general english as a synonym for "wlan". Answer: Wi-fi.


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