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Thursday, June 13, 2013

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>> symblCrowd logo quiz answers level 1 by images <<

1. Company from Cupertino, California. Compete with Android and Windows Mobile. Answer: Apple.

2. German car manufacturer. three letters. Answer: BMW.

3. Multinational division of the German manufacturer Daimler AG. Brand is used for automobiles, buses, coaches, and trucks. Answer: Mercedes-Benz.

4. International coffee company and coffeehouse chain based in Seattle. S...b.... Answer: Starbucks.

5. Global fashion company. Founded 1984, by an American fashion designer. Answer: Tommy Hilfiger.

6. German automobile manufacturer. Headquarter in Wolfsburg, Germany. Answer: Volkswagen.

7. Founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994. Known for its web portal, search engine. Answer: Yahoo!.

8. German lifestyle clothing company. Mainly provides classic and up-to-date casual wear. Answer: Tom Tailor.

9. Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles, automobiles. One of largest exporter of motorcycles. Answer: Suzuki.

10. Japanese automobile manufacturers. Largest manufacturer of four-wheel drive cars. Answer: Subaru.

11. Czech automotive and engine manufacturers. Part of Volkswagen AG, since 1991. Answer: Škoda.

12. Swiss watch manufacturer for high quality watches in the upper price segment. One of the most copied watch brands worldwide. Answer: Rolex.

13. Global German sporting goods supplier. One of the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer. Answer: Puma.

14. The first product version released in December 1994. Video game consoles. Answer: PlayStation.

15. Koffeinhaltiges Erfrischungsgetränk. Main competitor to Coca-Cola. Answer: Pepsi.

16. Largest food company in the world's and largest industrial company in Switzerland. Answer: Nestlé.

17. Non-profit organization in the field of software production. Develops products such as Firefox and Thunderbird. Answer: Mozilla.

18. Companies from South Korea based in Seoul. Life's Good. Answer: LG.

19. British luxury and sports car manufacturer. Founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company by Sir William Lyons in 1922. Answer: Jaguar.

20. A German producer of outdoor wear and equipment. The company is now among Europe''s three largest outdoor wear manufacturers. Answer: Jack Wolfskin.

21. Free web browser from the Mozilla project. F...f.... Answer: Firefox.

22. German sporting goods manufacturer. Second largest sportswear manufacturer in the world. Answer: Adidas.

23. American sportswear and footwear retailer. F... L.... Answer: Foot Locker.

24. Largest insurance company in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. Assicurazioni G.... Answer: Generali.

25. Dutch brewer. Third-largest brewer in the world. Answer: Heineken.

26. Instant-Messaging-Programm. I seek you. Answer: ICQ.

27. American multinational semiconductor chip maker corporation. Inventor of the x86 series of microprocessors. Answer: Intel.

28. Founded by a successful French tennis player. Fashion brand. Answer: Lacoste.

29. Privately held American clothing company. Known for its 501 jeans. Answer: Levis.

30. The luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota. First introduced in 1989 in the United States. Answer: Lexus.

31. Fast food restaurant. Known for its burgers. Answer: McDonalds.

32. British motor sport racing team. Mc.... Answer: McLaren.

33. American sporting goods supplier, founded in 1972. World’s largest manufacturer of sports goods. Answer: Nike.

34. American franchise restaurant chain. Specializes in pizza. Answer: Pizza Hut.

35. Teleshopping company. Quality, Value and Convenience. Answer: QVC.

36. Spanish Universal bank. Second largest financial institution in Europe (2011). Answer: Santander.

37. Beverage brand. Variety of carbonated waters and ginger ales. Answer: Schweppes.

38. Headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands. Global oil and gas company. Answer: Shell.

39. French oil company. T... Answer: Total.

40. Headquartered in London. British mobile phone companies operating internationally. Answer: Vodafone.

41. Wiki for collaborative learning, teaching and research.Wikimedia Foundation. Answer: Wikiversity.

42. Series of graphical interface operating systems. Software developed, marketed, and sold by Microsoft. Answer: Microsoft Windows.

43. Taiwanese computer company. Named after the Latin word for violent/hot/hard/sharp. Answer: Acer.

44. Founded in 1910 in Milan. 'A... R...'. Answer: Alfa Romeo.

45. American chip manufacturer. Advanced M... D.... Answer: AMD.

46. Founded in 1949 in Kobe, Japan as Onitsuka Tiger. Japanese sports shoe and clothing brand, operates worldwide. Answer: Asics.

47. German car manufacturer, part of the Volkswagen Group. A.... Answer: Audi.

48. American fast food chain. B... K.... Answer: Burger King.

49. American car brand of General Motors Corporation','known as Chevy. Answer: Chevrolet.

50. Italian car brand. Founded by Enzo. Answer: Ferrari.


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